Bishop’s Epistle January-March 2014

The Anglican Province of America

The Most Reverend Walter H. Grundorf, D.D., Presiding Bishop

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Volume XX No. 1                                                                                      January-March 2014

Anglican Province of America

Anglican Province of America

Greetings in the Name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit!

Winter Clergy Conference

A number of us have just recently returned from what was a most unusual Winter Clergy Conference hosted by St. Barnabas’ Church in Atlanta (Dunwoody) Georgia. To begin with, Atlanta was hit by a severe winter storm which left the roads covered with ice and temperatures in the single digits leaving thousands of motorist stranded on the roads. A number of our clergy and others who planned to be there for the Conference were part of the number of stranded people. A few others cancelled or had to turn around and go home. It all seemed a disaster and the thoughts of cancelling the event came to mind a couple of times. In the end, after a couple of days of this, the sun came out and things got better. Our guests, Bishop Stephen Scarlett and his associate Lisa Marion from St. Matthew’s Church Newport Beach, California, arrived on a non-stop flight from Los Angeles to be welcomed to the frigid sunny south.

In the end, although the numbers were somewhat reduced, (approximately 50 of 70 made it) everything planned did occur. The Board of Examining Chaplains, the Bishop’s Advisory Committee, the Reconciliation Committee, the Clergy Conference, the Clergy Wives Conference and the Standing Committee all met. The highlight for all was the Conference Guest Speaker, the Rt. Rev. Stephen Scarlett, who did not disappoint. In his clear and winsome way, he gave not just “feel good platitudes” but tough talk about how we must approach the future and what it is going to take for traditional Anglicans to not just survive but to flourish as we move forward. In addition to the Sessions conducted by Bishop Scarlett, we were able to spend time with both Bishop Scarlett and his Associate Lisa Marion informally in the hospitality room getting to know them on a personal level and share our mutual hopes and dreams for the church. Also, we were blessed to have five bishops from the ACA: Bishop Marsh, Bishop Strawn, Bishop Langberg, Bishop Hiles and Bishop Owen Williams who were able to share this important time together as fellow Anglicans working to bring the church together. Joining us on Thursday of the Conference was Bishop Haverland, Archbishop of the Anglican Catholic Church. In spite of the weather threat, it was an important time together with all of the bishops and a number of our clergy together on a friendly basis. It certainly gives us hope for the future.

Because Bishop Scarlett was so well received (and likewise Lisa Marion) and what they had to say was of such value, I have asked them to return for our Diocesan Synod in July 2014. They have agreed to come. This will give those who were not able to attend the Winter Conference opportunity to hear what he has to present as well as the laity to hear him. As one of our Clergy said after the Sessions, “I want my laity to hear what he has to say as it is not just for the clergy.” Lisa Marion will also be speaking to the Clergy wives.

Election of Coadjutor for Diocese of Mid-America

Other important events happening this month in the APA include the election of a Bishop Coadjutor for the Diocese of Mid-America. This election will take place on February 22, 2014 at St. Andrew’s Church in Merrillville, Indiana. The results of this election will be announced by e-mail to the clergy and on our APA website. The Rt. Rev. Larry L. Shaver is the Bishop Ordinary.

Foreign Mission Activities

On February 11, 2014, our Vicar General for Global Partnerships Canon David Haines and Fr. Paul Rivard recently appointed member of our Missions Board will be journeying to the Philippines to visit Presiding Bishop Belmonte. They will be visiting the newly established Seminary facility in Salano, which was built through the help of our Lenten Fund in 2013. Since that time, a devastating storm hit the Philippines and they will visit the area most affected to assess how the funds raised by the APA and the ACA International Anglican Fellowship (IAF) can best be used to help in the recovery efforts. They will also help Bishop Belmonte, plan how best to minister in that country with their limited manpower and resources.

I want to personally thank Mr. Erv Lische, Chairman of the International Anglican Fellowship who has helped raise nearly $6,000 of the total $18,000. We wish to thank allwho contributed to the relief effort. Please pray for a safe and profitable journey for Fr. Haines and Fr. Rivard. They plan to return by February 21, 2014.

Institution of Rector for St. Matthew’s Church,Tampa, Florida.

Another important February event will be the Institution of a Rector at St. Matthew’s Anglican Church, Tampa (Riverview), FL. The Rev. Kenneth R. Bailey will be Instituted as the second Rector of St. Matthew’s at 11:00am February 22, 2014, succeeding long time Rector, the Very Rev. William Perkins.

We welcome Fr. Bailey and his family who came to us via the Episcopal Missionary Church, (EMC) where he served for over 14 years. It was a pleasant transition from Presiding Bishop Council Nedd and also endorsed by Fr. Bailey’s close friend, former EMC Presiding Bishop William Millsap. (Thank you to Fr. Brad Cunningham of Holy Trinity Fernandina Beach, Florida for his help).

Upcoming Ordinations

Looking forward there will be two special events in the DEUS in March. Two men were recommended for ordination to the diaconate by the Board of Examining Chaplains and approved by the Standing Committee during the Winter Conference. Scott Koszalinski and Josef Mayntz are both scheduled for ordination during the month of March 2014. Scott will be Ordered Deacon on Saturday March 22, at 11:00am at St. Mary the Virgin Anglican Church, Delray Beach, Florida and will serve on the Clerical staff at St. Mary’s. Josef is scheduled to be Ordered Deacon the following week on Saturday March 29 at 11:00am at St. Paul’s Anglican Parish, Melbourne, FL. He will serve on the Clerical Staff at St. Paul’s Church. God bless them both as they prepare for these special days.

Lenten Mission Appeal

Lent is fast approaching and as we think about this time of preparation, thoughts go to how best we can help those who are less fortunate. Each year we have an appeal for one of our Mission endeavors. The needs are so great and we seem so small and inadequate in face of this. Our Vicar General, Canon Haines, recently returned from a trip to South India with the intention to secure land for the Dalit Education Center (DEC) we have pledged to build. Most of you know we have been working with OM on this project, and we have every confidence in their work and ministry. The difficulty has been trying to find property close to where many of our Anglican Churches are located in order that our children may be able to attend the school. Canon Haines reports that out of the six pieces of property they looked at while he was there, one stood out as the most likely and we are pursuing this five acre tract through OM. Once this is secured, the building can then begin. It is also to be noted that in the last three years, due to the improved economy in India, prices have gone up. In fact they have nearly doubled. The good thing is we have enough funds to buy the property which is larger than we originally intended, and will give us greater ministry options and even the possibility of building a village church there as well. Canon Haines has many more details about this but what I am proposing is that we complete this effort and focus our Lenten Appeal towards continued building the DEC that we have begun.

Our Bishop Jaya Rao is very excited about the possibilities this school brings to this part of South India and is enthusiastically working with OM to make this a reality. Our plans are to bring Bishop Jaya Rao to our DEUS Synod in July 2014 along with his interpreter, so you can meet and hear his story. He is a wonderful man of God and has done an amazing job of building mission Churches in the Kadapa district of Andhra Pradesh. May we make this a most successful endeavor and pray that we will see the School established in this community along with all the other Christian ministries it brings.

There are so many exciting things going on in our Church and our partnership for which we give thanks. May the Lord bless us as we labor together to bring others who are in need of a Savior into His Kingdom.

Blessings to all,