Anglican Province of America

Anglican Province of America

VOLUME XX No.3                  July-September 2014

This is the year for Synods, one completed (DEUS) and three to go: Diocese of Mid-America, the Anglican Province of America Triennial and the Diocese of the West. All three remaining Synods will be in October of this year. Those who are in the East, it was a great privilege to gather in Orlando, Florida July 14-18, 2014 as St. Alban’s Cathedral hosted this Synod. For those who would like to see or relive the many events of Synod, they can be found in a slide presentation on the St. Alban’s Anglican Cathedral webpage ( compliments of official photographer of the Cathedral F. Harvell. Our great thanks goes out to the Dean of St. Alban’s Cathedral, the Very Rev. Ralph Waterhouse, to Synod Chairman, David Arnott, Co-Chairman, Felicia Ryerson, and all those who served on the various committees which made for a most efficient and successful time.


DEUS Synod 2014


For those unable to attend the DEUS Synod, I would like to give a re-cap of the major events including our guest presenters and speakers. In addition to the regular business of Synod, we had two developmental programs. The first program was presented by Michael Miller, Organist and Choir Director at St. Alban’s Cathedral, and also the Head of the Music Department at The Geneva School (Classical Christian School), Orlando, Florida. At my request, I asked him to do the sessions on simple intonation of the Psalms which I so enjoy at St. Alban’s Cathedral on my rare visits. Many of the Psalms set to music can be easily done by the most inexperienced musicians and congregations. It was great to hear the enthusiastic gathering of attendees quickly learning to sing the Psalm tunes that Michael had prepared. We were pleased to have Michael’s wife, Wendy, and Ryan Solomon assisting with the presentation. Michael has made himself available to assist anyone wishing to follow up on the sessions by simply emailing him at Those attending the presentations by Michael Miller were ready for more when we ran out of time!

Following the developmental program on music were morning and afternoon sessions with Bishop Stephen Scarlett, Ordinary of the Anglican Catholic Church, Diocese of the Holy Trinity and Rector of St. Matthew’s Church, Newport Beach, California. A number of our clergy know Bishop Scarlett by way of his webpage and parish teaching materials which are available on line. I will not try to recap all that Bishop Scarlett said in his presentations as there was much to consider in the area of building Mission. He has put the essence of his talks with us on his blog site at or at I know that those who have a vision for the future of traditional Anglicanism must make common cause as there are those who are satisfied with being a museum to some imaged golden age of the past. Interestingly, he mentioned that we are more likely to build our churches by establishing and building relationships on an informal basis than by inviting people to come to church. People, especially millennials, have little or no reference to worship in church and can more likely be approached through cultivating friendship first. He emphasized that we must be willing to turn lose of those who want the church to remain just what they envision from the past and gather those around us who are willing to join us in genuine mission for Christ and his Church. We look forward to a strong and lasting relationship with Bishop Scarlett as we share so much in common in our vision for the future of traditional Anglicanism, in building Christ’s Kingdom on earth.

Update by Deacon Joel Pulga Arellano of the Philippines

We were pleased to have a Deacon Joel, who serves under the leadership of the Most Rev. Frederick Belmonte in the Philippines, with us for the DEUS Synod. He gave an update on activities in the Anglican Church of the Philippines with the purchase of the property near the City of Salano and the completion of the building project housing the Seminary along with a Chapel. The property purchase and the building were part of the Lenten Appeal Funds from 2013. Additionally, he showed pictures of the devastation from the hurricane which hit parts of the island about a year ago and the distribution of funds both from the APA and the ACA to help families with much needed food and agriculture supplies allowing them to re-plant vegetable gardens to help sustain the community. Also we were able to assist fishermen in the repair of their boats to return them to their livelihoods.

Provincial Synod October 15-17, 2014

I urge everyone to make plans to attend the Provincial Synod of our Church this October. This is a special event in the life of our Province, especially since we will be forging friendships and cooperative efforts with our inter-communion partners in the Anglican Church in America (ACA). Those who are members of the APA/Diocese of Mid-America are reminded that the DMA Diocesan Synod begins on that Wednesday from 8:00am until 1:30pm.


The House of Bishops meeting of the APA will be held on Wednesday, October 15, from 2pm until 5pm. Later that evening, following dinner, there will be a meeting of the Assembly of Bishops of both the ACA and the APA and other bishops from jurisdictions interested in this co-operative effort. We must pray and be a part of every legitimate effort to bring traditional Anglicans together in a unified voice for the advancement of the Gospel. Please check the APA webpage for the schedule of all the events.

We look forward to worshiping with our intercommunion partners as well as sharing fellowship with them at the Synod Banquet on Thursday evening. The National Shrine of Our Lady of the Snows in Belleville, Illinois, is a lovely venue for a Synod and provides an atmosphere of peace and quiet.


Final Word


To say we are living in a sin-sick world would be an understatement. Most of us are familiar with the news stories of war and savagery that are going on in the Middle East and watching our fellow Christians and others being slaughtered like animals. We are seeing pure evil manifested like most of us have not seen before. It is made all the more relevant through modern technology where it is difficult to be unaware.

I ask all of us to pray for the leaders of our civilized world to have wisdom and courage to confront the evil doers. We must pray for those who are suffering from the violence which is being perpetrated upon them and ask God to preserve the innocent.

Peace and blessings,