DEUS Synod 2015: Call for Election of Suffragan Bishop

Suffragan Bishop Chad Jones

Suffragan Bishop Chad Jones

DEUS Synod: This year’s Synod will be held July 27-31, 2015 in Charlottesville, Virginia and hosted by All Saints Church, Canon Glenn Spencer, Rector.

Call for Election of Suffragan Bishop

Among the regular business and special sessions at this year’s DEUS Synod, the Bishop called for the election of a second Suffragan Bishop. This Bishop would be elected by the Diocese. Bishop Grundorf encourages that this Suffragan Bishop be one who will serve for Florida. In Florida, the Diocese has the most parishes and missions and a large geographical area. He could begin assisting Bishop Grundorf as Bishop Chad Jones does in the upper part of the Diocese.

Nominations must be filed with the Secretary of the Standing Committee at least sixty (60) days prior to the date (July 27, 2015) for holding the election. Sixty days prior would be May 27, 2015. This is a firm deadline. The Standing Committee Secretary is Karyn Cozad. Nomination should be mailed to her attention at: 2827 Emerald Dr., Lake Spivey, GA 30236
Bishop Grundorf asked that this be a time of prayer for all of us as we ask that the Holy Spirit guide us in choosing the right man to fill this critical role.