Presiding Bishop’s Column

Epiphany Greetings in the name of our Lord, Jesus Christ!

Our annual January Winter Conference was held at and hosted by the parish Church of Christ the Redeemer, Fort Valley (Warner Robins), Georgia. There were a multitude of activities and board meetings during the course of the week of January 16-20. Along with the meetings and sessions there were times to socialize around the meal times and worship in their beautiful new church building. We are most grateful to the Rector, Father Matthew Harlow and his wife Sarah who, with the folks at the Church of Christ the Redeemer, did a superb job of organizing and assisting in so many ways to make our Conference for our clergy, their wives, the deaconesses, and the Standing Committee members such a success.

The Clergy Conference began with an interactive time with reference to a recent clergy survey conducted in the later part of 2016. The clergy who responded to the survey on how to make meetings more productive, mentioned a number of areas of interest. This was a change of pace from more recent conferences which have been focused on teaching and theological issues. Without getting into detail, which will be shared with the clergy in a Pastoral Letter, the subjects raised covered a wide range of contemporary concerns from expectations of the parish priest to standardizing who may receive Holy Communion to dividing ashes for those cremated, etc.

The second part of the Conference covered an oral history of the very early days of the ‘continuing Anglican Church’ through my eyes and memory. This was done by way of an interview with Fr. Glenn Spencer, who gave a brief introduction and asked questions pertaining to those earlier years “fireside chat style.” What was covered goes back some 50 years, when as your Bishop, I was just out of school and newly ordained as a deacon and priest. What made this historical review seem to capture the interest of the clergy and others attending was that none of it was scripted and was all done conversationally with plenty of anecdotal material. What was interesting to me when thinking about this in advance of the Conference, is so many of those who were around in the early days are no longer with us. I know there are those who have written their version of the ‘Continuing Church’ Story. But having been around from the earliest of days, I was there for most of it. Much of the early history of what was our predecessor jurisdiction (the American Episcopal Church) predated the 1977 Congress of St. Louis, back to the mid and late 1960s. What came across to me personally upon reflection and to those of our Clergy, was the turmoil that was happening in the 1960s in the world, our country and the church. In the world of the 60s, there was the bloody Vietnam War and the ineffective leadership that did not have the will to win the war. In our country, there were violent protests in the streets over the war, race riots in most major cities, and the Episcopal Church abandoning the foundations of its beliefs personified by the Bishop of California, James Pike. This, along with the desire to change the one stable part of the Episcopal Church, the Book of Common Prayer 1928, replacing it with ‘trial liturgies,’ caused increasing dissatisfaction. All of this and other elements created a decade of instability out of which came the early iteration of the ‘Continuing Anglican Church’ movement. Other events in the Episcopal Church in the next decade brought a new wave of ‘Traditional Anglicans’ parting ways with the Episcopal Church. (Note: The oral memoirs were recorded for historical purposes and will be completed at future Conferences. It is important that we record our own history rather than others doing it for us.) The next Clergy Conference will include a completion of our history and a vision for the future of the Continuing Church and the APA.

At the Conference Eucharist, we had the Ordination to the Diaconate of Peter Joslyn. Plans are that he, and his wife Erin and children, will be moving to Greensboro, N.C. where he will serve as curate at St. John’s Church to the Rev. Mark Menees.

The Conference concluded on the morning of January 20 with the DEUS Standing Committee (SC) Meeting. As part of the business there were interviews with those who completed and passed their Canonical Examination earlier in the week with the Board of Examining Chaplains and interviews with the Bishop’s Advisory Committee. This interview, with those completing their exam, is the opportunity for the SC to ask questions of each candidate prior to recommending them for ordination to the Bishop. Those recommended for ordination by the Bishop were: Deacon Brian Oldfield, Holy Trinity Church, Fernandina Beach, FL; Deacon Bartol Stone, St. Alban’s Cathedral, Oviedo, FL; Mr. Tyler Phass, Diaconate, Reformed Episcopal Seminary; and transfers from other jurisdictions: the Rev. James Johnson, from ACA and the Rev. James Danford, from ACC. In addition, Sean McDermott, who met with the BEC and passed his exams during the Conference, was interviewed by the SC members shortly after the Conference, and was recommended for ordination to the diaconate.

Trip to India—February 14-26, 2017

Our longest standing Global Partner is the Anglican Church of India Diocese of Andhra Pradesh. The Mission Team for this trip will be Vicar General David Haines, Dr. Mary Grundorf, representing the Foreign Mission Board, and me, as the Metropolitan Bishop for India. Our Presiding Bishop is the Rt. Rev. Lawrence Jaya Rao. His Cathedral Church of the Holy Nativity is in Jammalamadugu in the Kadapa District. Bishop Jaya Rao now has 27 village churches and 26 clergymen along with a number of Bible women (Deaconesses) serving with him. We have two purposes for this trip. One is to visit the Good Shepherd School in Kullar, Mahubnagar District in the new State of Telengana. This is the school which the APA raised funds to build in 2011 and it is now complete and I plan to be there to preform the dedication. This school will serve the Dalit children in that area and particularly those children of the Hindu Temple prostitutes. This is a way that OM and their supporting partners such as the APA are able to help interrupt the cycle of poverty and abuse that is experienced by the Dalit people. Their only hope is through our Lord Jesus Christ and providing them with an education.

Our other purpose for the trip is to visit village churches to make contact with the people and to witness first-hand the growth and the needs of the people. This personal contact is so important for these people who are in most cases isolated and need to know they are loved and that other Christians care about them.

Our number of churches in India has more than doubled since my last visit in 2011 and we are so thankful to Bishop Jaya Rao for his faithful witness and guiding hand in his Diocese and beyond. Please pray for Bishop Jaya Rao that the Lord will continue to give him health and energy for the wonderful work he is doing. We pray also that the Lord will raise up other men to serve in his ministry. I am so grateful to our gifted Vicar General David Haines, who manages to keep up with all our Global Partners in the world along with their needs and concerns. He manages to know so many of the clergy by name and church. He is truly a blessing to us all.

Generosity in our midst

I am always amazed and eternally grateful for the generosity of our people. We have received a gift of $25,000 as a seed gift for The Pregnancy Center of Sanford and Oviedo for a new “mobile unit” to go into under-served areas to offer free pregnancy testing, sonograms, and counseling. The benefactor from Holy Trinity Church in Fernandina Beach has provided this gift on behalf of the APA and our strong Pro-Life position and firm belief in the sanctity of life from inception to natural death. Bless you, Lois!

In closing, I want to mention a website that I think all of us could profit by reading; At times, I talk with clergy who seem to have lost their energy and vision and need to find inspiration. This website has many good thoughts and ideas. It is tempting to get into the habit of sitting at a computer for hours on end without a focus. I suggest you go on this website and use the ideas and experience of others who have successfully developed plans and then take the next step of implementation. Don’t let being a “small church” be an excuse for not taking bold action. You will need to find others in your congregation who will share the vision and be willing to work with you to move forward. This relates to the model which we have discussed so often, are we going to be a ‘mission-minded’ parish or ‘maintenance-minded’ parish. If your parish is content to be maintenance-minded they need to be reminded that they will only be a generational church. Most do not want that. Take action! It is up to you to inspire the people with your actions and leadership. Being a parish priest is more than showing up on Sunday to preach and celebrate the Eucharist. We are instructed by St. Paul to ‘equip the saints for the work of the ministry…’ (Eph. 4:12) and it is up to the clergy to lead the way.

We have entered into the unknown once again as we recently celebrated the beginning of a new calendar year. We have never come this way before. Many no doubt made resolutions for this year. Let us all resolve to be more faithful in our work for the Lord and his Kingdom. Where we have failed, let us ask for forgiveness and pray that we may be more diligent as we move forward. God has blessed us all in many ways. May we be thankful in spite of any setbacks in the life we may have, recognizing we have new opportunities each day.

Just to let you know, I will be sending out the 2017 Lenten Appeal notice later this month. Please watch your email and our website for this important effort in our Province. Start now preparing your parishioners to commit $1 to each of the 40 days of Lent.

Blessings to all,


Requiem aeterban

Rest eternal grant unto them, O Lord; and let light perpetual shine upon them. By now most of you are aware of the loss of those who were Clergymen in the APA and also others who were associated friends. We lost a dear friend in Bishop Royal Grote of the Reformed Episcopal Church (REC) on Thanksgiving Day 2016, who passed away in his sleep. About ten days later, we lost Bishop George Fincke, who came to us from the REC a year and a half ago, and I had just Instituted him as Rector of All Saints’ Church, Prescott, Arizona in October 2016. Then, we lost Father Charles “Gene” Mallard on December 18, 2016, after arriving home following his Eucharist at St. Thomas’ Church, Alto, Georgia. On January 2, 2017, Deacon Eric Dawson from St. Paul’s Church in Melbourne, Florida died. Also, many of you know Bishop Ken Myers, author and conference speaker, who provided the developmental session at the DEUS Synod in July 2016. Bishop Myer’s wife Shirley died after a severe bout with double pneumonia in January 2017. The loss of these faithful servants of our Lord is sincerely felt among all of us and especially by their families. Please pray for the peaceful and sweet repose of each of them and for their families.

Bishop’s Epistle- Christmas 2016

Anglican Province of America

Anglican Province of America

As we enter the Christmas Season and prepare for the Grand Celebration of our Lord’s Incarnation, what a great time it is to think of the many blessings we have received as we reflect on this past year. As Presiding Bishop, I want to say how thankful I am for the wonderful and faithful Bishops, Priests and Deacons we have in our Province who give selflessly to their people and the work of the ministry. And so many do what they do and count it a joy with thankfulness to God for calling them to this work for His Kingdom. It is a joy to see the numbers of young men and in some cases their wives joining them as they make the commitment to take on the challenge of Seminary. God has truly blessed our Province as we see the next generation of clergy and lay people preparing themselves for the building of God’s Kingdom wherever they may be called to serve. I am truly thankful for the numbers of committed lay people in our parishes who have responded to the call to help financially support our Seminarians. Along with this support, likewise I appreciate the lay participation in our Domestic Lenten Fund to assist the clergy and their families as they take the leap of faith and relocate to another city to take on a struggling or new mission church.

This past year saw the dramatic increase in our Church as it has expanded into the central Andean Mountains of Ecuador. Through our partnership with Worthy Endeavors Missions, Inc., and Samaritan’s Purse the APA was invited to provide Episcopal Oversight to 32 Communities totaling 20,000 people of the Pastorale Indegenas of Ecuador, now of the Anglican Province of America in Ecuador. We, along with our Partners, were able to meet the leadership, both clergy and laity, and many of the people on a visit in November 2016.

Our Global Partnership in India continues to expand and the joint project of the APA with OM (Operation Mobilization) to build a school for the Dalit children is prepared for dedication. Our Mission Team, led by Vicar General David Haines, will be visiting Bishop Jaya Rao in February 2017 for this purpose and to visit many of the village churches we help support there. Our Partnership in Haiti continues to struggle with the disastrous weather conditions and governmental corruption. Fr. Mews continues to work heroically and now has a number of new deacons assisting him with the school and church. Our Philippine Church continues to grow under new leadership and efforts to work with the ACC in that country are ongoing.

October 2017 will bring a special event as we will be having joint Synods with four major ‘Traditional’ Anglican jurisdictions meeting in Atlanta, GA. This is a historical event which we pray will be a first step in bringing together into communio in sacris these jurisdictions as we seek to unify the Body of Christ. Your regular prayerful intentions are requested for the Joint Synod’s success.

Some of us have struggled in the past year with loss of loved ones in both family and parish. However, as Christians we have the assurance that our loved ones are in the loving arms of our Lord. Whatever losses, whatever disappointments we may have had, may this time of our Christian year inspire us all with renewed Hope and Vision remembering the Lord of the Universe is on our side and he does love us.

With Love to all and a Merry Christmas from Mary and me,

The Most Rev. Walter H. Grundorf, D.D.
Presiding Bishop, Anglican Province of America

Bishop’s Epistle September- Synod 2016 Highlights

Blessings and Peace to you all!

Synod 2016 Highlights

bishop-grundorf-addresses-2016-deus-synodThis is a follow-up to my Summary of the DEUS Synod in July 2016. You can read highlights on the APA webpage. There will be a slide show of pictures of the various activities during the Synod week on the webpage before long. The 48th Synod of the DEUS was well-planned and well-executed by the host parish St. Matthew’s Anglican Church, Riverview (Tampa) Florida. Anyone who has been involved in hosting a Synod knows how much effort is required and attention to detail needed to achieve success. Additionally, this Synod was one of the best attended in our DEUS history. Each year more and more people realize how important it is for the Diocese to come together to strengthen bonds. Likewise, meeting old friends and welcoming new clergy, seminarians and lay members is a part of the great fellowship of love we have always shared as a Diocese. It was such a pleasure to see the number of our men and particularly the young men who are in Seminary preparing for the ministry of our Church. It gives us great hope for the future of traditional Anglicanism!

One of the features of our DEUS Synods has been the special attention we pay to our clergy wives. This year was no exception with arrangements made by Debra Middleton, co-chairman of the Synod for a guided boat tour through the Hillsborough River viewing the beautiful homes and historic buildings along the way. The tour ended with a luncheon at the Columbia Restaurant on the Riverwalk. On Tuesday evening, July 12, the clergy, wives and other early arrivals to Synod were taken from the Sheraton Hotel by bus to St. Matthew’s Church for Evening Prayer followed by refreshments including heavy hors d’oeuvres in the parish hall.

boogey-with-mary-grundorf-and-alice-sweeneyWednesday’s Opening Session was taken up with Diocesan business: elections, appointments, various reports along with financial reports and the adoption of a budget for 2017. The evening of the first day was completed with Evensong followed by a barbecue and entertainment by the “Boogalizers,” a blues band with St. Matthew’s own Greg Clark. To complete the Tampa Cuban tradition, there was an authentic cigar roller for all to see and enjoy.larry-smoking

Thursday was devoted to Developmental Sessions, with guest speaker, Bishop Kenneth N. Myers of Sherman, Texas. Bishop Myers spoke on his book Salvation (and how we got it wrong). Although the subject matter included a theological discussion of the ‘Atonement,’ which can be controversial because of its many faceted concepts, the Bishop kept the sessions interesting and engaging for all in attendance. The Sessions both morning and evening were to a full house. Bishop Myers’ books can be purchased on line from Amazon or from his website All of the books he brought with him were sold as soon as they hit the table.bishop-ken-meyersfr-brad-cunningham

The Synod Eucharist was celebrated on Thursday evening in commemoration of the Feast of St. Bonaventure. The Banquet followed Happy Hour with entertainment by the Ladies of the Southern Company Chorus. The Synod concluded on Friday morning with a ‘Travelers Mass’ and the final session.

The concluding report was from the Domestic Mission Board led by board member Fr. Brad Cunningham along with Fr. Wade Miller reporting on the progress of our first ‘Domestic Mission Project’ St. Philip’s Church in Blacksburg, VA. The work at St. Philip’s Church has gone extremely well with the congregation excited about their prospects for the future. New people have come to the Church over the year, longtime members are energized by the good things happening and the physical building is being re-vitalized. We pray that our next Lenten project with also meet with such success. Bishop Bill Perkins is the Chairman of this Board.

Elections at the DEUS Synod

Standing Committee: Elected to serve a three- year term were: Fr. Brad Cunningham by the House of Clergy and Debra Middleton by the House of Laity. Elected to serve as President was the Very Rev. Gordon Anderson and as Secretary: Mrs. Karen Cozad. Rotating off the Standing Committee following their three-year term with our thanks were the President, Fr. Kevin Sweeney and Mr. Alex Constant. Mr. D.J. Fulton was re-elected as our Diocesan Treasurer.

Always a highlight at the Synod is to hear the Parish Reports and the good things that are happening. We are especially pleased to see the number of seminarians and congratulate the parishes who are involved in inspiring and sending men to seminary, particularly All Saints’ Church, Charlottesville, VA; St. Matthew’s Church, Weaverville, NC; and St. Alban’s Church, Joppa, MD. The Diocese is also involved in assisting those in seminary financially and I encourage all of you to be generous the Second Sunday in Advent for the Seminarian Sunday Collection.

Special Thanks

Finally, great thanks goes to Fr. Kenneth Bailey, Rector of St. Matthew’s Church, Riverview, FL, as well as Tom and Debra Middleton, Co-chairmen of the Synod. Thank you to Nancy Bailey our official photographer and Fr. Greg Miller of St. Matthew’s Church, Weaverville, NC, our Synod organist.

If you wish to read the rest of the Bishop’s Epistle, please click on the following link which will take you to the Anglican Province of America Website;

Bishop’s Epistle Continued on APA Website


Bishop’s Epistle

Anglican Province of America

Anglican Province of America

VOLUME XXI No. 6     November-December 2015

Greetings in the Name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

There are certain reminders, as we are in the final quarter of the calendar year, such as the great feast day and season of All Saints and no more daylight savings time, that 2015 will soon go into the realm of history. As the leaves turn their fall colors and fall from the trees, we wonder where has the time gone? When we were children, we often thought how slowly time passes and we would think that some special event such as Christmas would never arrive. This month, I will be celebrating my 20th year as the Bishop of the Diocese of the East. Mary is planning an Open House from 3-6pm at our home on Saturday December 5, 2015 to share memories of the occasion. All are invited and welcome to come. One of the tasks was trying to remember who was at the Enthronement Eucharist and not forgetting someone. I have been looking back at the church directories of St. Alban’s Cathedral around 1995 and pictures taken at the Enthronement by Pat Peirce, and I was struck by the number who participated in the Service who have passed from this life: Archdeacon Gene Mitchusson, Canon William Weston, Bishop Norman Stewart, and Canon Rufus Kite-Powell are now gone from the Church Militant. All others who were there for the Service have changed physically — I had dark hair and dark beard! These events in our lives and the life of the Church are reminders that our earthly life is transient just as the seasons of the year pass so quickly.

With the passing events in life and in the life of the Church, we as Clergy and Laity of our Missions and Parishes do a review and reflect on the events of the past year at our Annual Meetings. Without a doubt at least most of us as Clergy, think about the good things that have happened in our Congregations and also tend to go through a certain amount of self-flagellation over the things we did or did not do. Acknowledge and move on as the saying goes. Each day the Lord gives us is an opportunity to bring glory to Him and to work for the spread of His Kingdom.

On Saturday, Nov. 14th, Bishop-elect William ‘Bill’ Perkins was Consecrated as a Bishop in the Church of God. Bishop Perkins will serve as a Suffragan Bishop in the Diocese of the East with concentration primarily to assist in the State of Florida and elsewhere as needed. As you will recall, Bishop Perkins was elected at the DEUS Synod in July 2015 in Charlottesville, Virginia. He will continue as the Rector of St. Mary the Virgin Anglican Church in Delray Beach, Florida. Please pray for Bishop Perkins, his wife Lou Anne, and family, that the Lord will bless his ministry as he takes on this new responsibility in the Church.

I was pleased to receive a message and an invitation recently from Fr. Wade Miller of St. Philip’s Anglican Church (formerly St. Francis) to come visit the Mission. You will recall that Fr. Miller was the recipient of our Lenten Appeal Funds to build or restart a dying Mission Church. Fr. Wade informed me since August 1st, when he officially began as Vicar, he has seen the little Mission go from 6 to up 35 congregants attending Sunday Eucharist. He has invited me to come on the weekend of December 19-20 for an Open House at the Miller home, Confirmations and reception of 20 new members. Thanks be to God!

In other news on the Ecumenical front, I attended, as your Bishop, the Anglican Catholic Church’s Provincial Synod held in Athens, Georgia this past week. Along with the APA were the Presiding Bishop of the Anglican Church in America (ACA), Bishop Brian Marsh, and his Suffragan Bishop, Bishop Jim Hiles. Our Bishop Chad Jones was invited but unable to attend due to the death of the former Rector of St. Barnabas’ Church, Dunwoody, Georgia, the Rev. Canon William Weston. Along with Bishop Paul Hewett of the Diocese of the Holy Cross, were invited guests from the Reformed Episcopal Church, the Most Rev. Royal Grote and Bishop Ray Sutton.

The culmination of four years of building friendships between communion partners of the APA and ACA and working with the Anglican Catholic Church (ACC), we reached an important milestone. Archbishop Mark Haverland announced that the ACC is now in de facto communion with the APA, ACA, and the Diocese of the Holy Cross (DHC). There is still work to be done to establish a formal communio in sacris agreement but this is the first critical and important stage of development in the “Continuing Church” both nationally and internationally. This is a witness to the Anglican world that the Continuing Church can come together in cooperation for the furtherance of God’s Kingdom.

Finally, as we enter the Advent Season and onward toward Christmas, we pray that all Christians everywhere will be inspired with the Message of Hope that our Lord Jesus Christ came to earth some 2000 years ago. Along with this great Hope, we anticipate the fulfillment of the promise of our Lord’s second advent. We live in a world that has lost sight of the Gospel message which is meant to bring joy and peace to men of good will. May the Advent Season be a time of solemn reflection on the year past and a purposeful resolve by God’s Grace to be faithful to our calling to serve Him in whatever or wherever he leads us in this coming year. Let us be thankful for all the blessings of this life: for family, friends and our Church. Let us pray for our enemies that the Lord will turn their hearts toward Him. Let us remember those who are suffering for their faith especially those Christians in the Middle East and our Communion Partners in India, the Philippines and Haiti.

May each of you have a blessed Advent Season,


Rest in Peace: The Rev. Canon William R. Weston

By now most of you are aware that a long-time priest of the Diocese of the East and the APA and Rector of St. Barnabas’ Church, Dunwoody (Atlanta), Georgia, died on Saturday October 24, 2015 after a courageous battle with cancer. Our prayers are with Fr. Bill for his sweet repose and for the comfort of his wife Valerie. Fr. Bill was the driving force that has resulted in the beautiful Church building in Dunwoody. Bishop Chad Jones, Rector officiated at the Requiem Mass for Canon Weston on Saturday, October 31, 2015.

APA Winter Clergy Conference

Our Annual Winter Clergy Conference will be held this January 2016 in Oviedo (Orlando), FL at St. Alban’s Cathedral. Both Orlando (MCO) and Sanford (SFB) airports are options. The dates for the Winter Conference will start with social hour and dinner on Wed., Jan. 20th and conclude Fri., Jan. 22nd with a travelers’ Mass. Many thanks to Fr. Ralph Waterhouse and St. Alban’s Cathedral for agreeing to host this gathering of clergy, clergy wives, and deaconesses. The Bishop Advisory Committee and the Board of Examining Chaplains will be meeting on Tuesday in advance of the Conference and the Standing Committee will be meeting following the Conference on Friday morning.

Note: Please see pages 5 & 6 for proposed schedule and registration form.

Save the Date-DEUS Synod

The 2016 DEUS Synod will be hosted by Saint Matthew’s Church in Riverview (Tampa), Florida, the week of July 11-15. See page 4 for details.

DEUS Synod 2015: Call for Election of Suffragan Bishop

Suffragan Bishop Chad Jones

Suffragan Bishop Chad Jones

DEUS Synod: This year’s Synod will be held July 27-31, 2015 in Charlottesville, Virginia and hosted by All Saints Church, Canon Glenn Spencer, Rector.

Call for Election of Suffragan Bishop

Among the regular business and special sessions at this year’s DEUS Synod, the Bishop called for the election of a second Suffragan Bishop. This Bishop would be elected by the Diocese. Bishop Grundorf encourages that this Suffragan Bishop be one who will serve for Florida. In Florida, the Diocese has the most parishes and missions and a large geographical area. He could begin assisting Bishop Grundorf as Bishop Chad Jones does in the upper part of the Diocese.

Nominations must be filed with the Secretary of the Standing Committee at least sixty (60) days prior to the date (July 27, 2015) for holding the election. Sixty days prior would be May 27, 2015. This is a firm deadline. The Standing Committee Secretary is Karyn Cozad. Nomination should be mailed to her attention at: 2827 Emerald Dr., Lake Spivey, GA 30236
Bishop Grundorf asked that this be a time of prayer for all of us as we ask that the Holy Spirit guide us in choosing the right man to fill this critical role.

2015 Lenten Appeal Hits Home

Holy Family

Holy Family

This year’s Lenten Appeal is to fund the building of a Domestic Mission. The ambitious goal is to raise $100,000 for a selected ‘mission church project.’ It would be used over a period of three years to support a well-trained energetic priest who would relocate to the chosen area. Please see the letter below from Paul Moruza, member of All Saints Church, Charlottesville, VA, regarding his experience regarding the need to help fund domestic missions.

March 27th, 2015
“The Life and Death of an Anglican Parish.
The story of Holy Family Parish.
Or why we should all give to the Bishop’s
domestic mission fund.”

In the three or so decades our four children were being born and raised, Audrey and I would faithfully and gratefully return every summer to the hospitality of her parents’ ranch style home nestled in the coastal redwoods near the university town of Arcata, California. Audrey’s parents, Joe and Jackie Kasun, joined the Anglican Continuum about the same time Audrey and I did in the late 70s. Under the auspices of Bishop Robert Morse, my father-in law, Joe Kasun, a beloved History teacher and decorated WWII Hero, became a licensed lay reader and would lead morning prayer on Sundays when one of the visiting priests (mostly from the established Anglican parish over the mountains in Redding, CA) was unable to come. Audrey’s Mom was a renowned Economist and one of the great Christian culture warriors of the Reagan era, manfully taking on the anti-life, ZPG [Zero Population Growth] types of the that time with solid academic research, lectures, articles and books (see her “War on Population” by Jaqueline Kasun). Like Holy Family Parish, her life work affirmed the goodness of having and raising kids and showed the next generation that we need not fear the dooms day messages of “overpopulation” or to despair about having children. So, they christened their little Anglican Parish, “The Holy Family,” and it was where we worshiped each and every summer vacation for my en-tire Army career and then where Audrey and the kids worshiped for the year I was sent to Korea by the Army. Jackie, an accomplished pianist, would play the organ and Joe would lead Morning Prayer, while the Bishop would come up for Confirmations from time to time. That’s why to this day, we cherish a photo of the extended family of the grandkids lined up at the altar proudly with Bishop Morse and their grandparents, Jackie and Joe in appropriate liturgical robes and the boy-cousins arrayed as acolytes. The photo for me symbolizes both the love of our extended families and the love of our Lord as he has engrafted all of us into his Holy Family.

Unfortunately, a full time priest was never called and/or funded to come to Holy Family Parish, and so as the years went on, an aging parish slowly faded away; and when Jackie and Joe both died within three years of each other, the flame of the parish went dark. I am thankful still for Holy Family Parish and the people that we got to know and love there, but had they had some funds to call a priest, I am sure it would still be alive today providing a place for the locals to hear the gospel and worship with the historic Church Militant.

Bishop Grundorf began this Lenten fund drive to nurture and keep alive a “Holy Family Parish” out there that needs a full time fully trained Anglican Priest to continue in the Great Commission of our Lord. I ask you to please join Audrey and me and give to the fund this Lenten season as you are able.”

—Paul Moruza

Bishop’s note: It’s not too late to give. If you have not done so, you can still contribute to the Lenten appeal. Please note checks with “2015 Lenten Ap-peal” on your check to your church. We request all funds be received by April 30, 2015.


Anglican Province of America

Anglican Province of America

VOLUME XX No. 4  October – December 2014
As we enter the month of November, it is a time to reflect on the Christian year that is rapidly drawing to a close and to think about the challenges of the future. For a number of our people, life is a struggle with health, finances, aging and so on. With others, the struggle is more about providing for the family, getting a decent job, concern about family members be they parents, or children off at school or separated for other reasons. Each new Christian year brings with it hope not because of some empty dream but because of the ‘drama of our redemption.’ It reminds us once again that the Word was made Flesh and came among us. This is the blessed hope that in spite of circumstances we face in this world, our Lord Jesus Christ has overcome the world. As we offer ourselves with all the baggage this life places upon us, we know from his promise that he is with us through whatever struggles we may face. He has promised to never leave us or forsake us. May we face the new Christian year with joy, peace and resolve to make it, through the grace of God, the best year yet in our lives.

DMA Synod

The month of October has been the month of Synods in the Anglican Province of America. The Diocese of Mid-America held its Fourth Annual Synod at Our Lady of the Snows, Belle-ville, Illinois October 15, 2014, a day before the Anglican Province of America Synod. The necesary Synod business was held which included the adoption of a budget for 2015 and the election to replace members rotating off of the Standing Committee and Provincial Council. The big news was the relocation of the Bishop Coadjutor Robert Todd Giffin to the San Antonio area of Texas. They are at present settling in there and Norma Jean is assuming her new duties with her new company. The Parish of St. Joseph, New Braunfels, Texas is in the area and plans are to start another mission in this large metropolitan area of West Texas. Bishop Ordinary, Larry Shaver will continue to assist in the DMA following his official retirement in June 2015.

APA Synod

The Provincial Synod of the APA and the General Synod of the Anglican Church in America (ACA) were held concurrently at the National Shrine of our Lady of the Snows (OLS). The plenary sessions of each of the provinces were held separately, but the worship services were held jointly with clergy from each jurisdiction sharing in officiating. The Synod Eucharist was a concelebrated Mass by Bishops Grundorf and Marsh. The Synod Eucharist Sermon was preached by the Rt. Rev. Chad Jones, Suffragan Bishop of the Diocese of the East (DEUS). Service music was provided by Richard “Rick” Watson on the lovely pipe organ in the Church of Our Lady of the Snows. All bishops in attendance were vested and seated near the Altar. The banquet held following the Mass was a joyful occasion for clergy and laity alike with music provided by Bishop George Langberg. Many took advantage of singing along with Bishop George as he did a number of familiar tunes of days gone by. It was a grand time of getting to know our intercommunion partners.
The APA Provincial Council and Synod were well attended considering the fact that the East had its Synod in July and the West was holding its Synod a week and a half afterwards. The business of the APA was conducted with the usual reports. One report that stood out was given by our treasurer, D.J. Fulton, concerned our giving to the Global Partnerships which we support. Since our last Provincial Synod in 2011, we have raised $586,802 for our Global Partners. This is amazing considering the size of our Province. It demonstrates the great love our people have for those Christians in foreign lands that are less fortunate than we. Also as an order of business, we elected or appointed new members of the Provincial Council to replace those finishing their terms: Officer, Debra Middleton, Secretary; House of Bishops, Rt. Rev. Robert Giffin; House of Clergy, Rev. Brad Cunningham, House of Laity, Robert Richter and Peter Moritz; and Diocesan Rep, Ben Lizak (DOW).

On the agenda and passed with a modification, was a proposed amendment to the Constitution under Article 1 Sec. 3 Of Provincial Synod having to do with the election of the next Presiding Bishop. This amendment provides for the election of the next Presiding Bishop rather than just the most senior Bishop Ordinary assuming the Office. It will require a 2/3 vote of the House of Bishops and a 2/3 each of the House of Clergy and House of Laity. Additionally, this amendment must be passed by two consecutive Provincial Synods in order to replace the original Article. The proposed Amendment is attached at the end of this Epistle.

DOW Synod and Ordination

The Synod for the Diocese of the West (DOW) was held October 28-29, and hosted by All Saints’ Anglican Church, Prescott, Arizona. The Synod was held jointly with the ACA/DOW for worship services and meals and separately for the business of each Synod. Our DOW held the election to replace members rotating off the Standing Committee and passed a budget for 2015. The highlight of the Synod was the joint Eucharist when Vincent Varnas of St. Michael’s Church, Wilsonville, Oregon was ordained as a Deacon. The Synod Eucharist was held in the beautiful All Saints’ Church and the host church provided lunch following the Service. It is anticipated that Deacon Varnas will work with St. Michael’s and the Rector Fr. Robert Hawkins in forming a new mission church in Corvallis, Oregon. Also, Fr. Creighton Barnes of St. Andrew’s Church, Jacksonville, (Medford) Oregon has announced his retirement as Rector of the church. Fr. Robert Hawkins will serve as Rector, and will have two Deacons locally, Deacons William “Bill” Baker and Christopher “Chris” Smith assisting. Canon Walt Crites was elected as the President of the Standing Committee and re-appointed as Vicar General of the Diocese. Fr. Robert Hawkins was appointed as the Assistant Vicar General of the DOW. We were pleased to have as an invited guest the Rev. Blake Schwendimann, Assistant Priest at St. Matthew’s Church, Newport Beach, CA.

News from the DEUS

Diaconate Ordination
We are pleased to announce the Ordination to the Diaconate of the Rev. Arthur Walker on Aug. 23, 2014 by Bishop Chad Jones. The new Deacon will be serving at St. Michael the Archangel, Charlotte, NC under the Rectorship of Fr. Richard Bakley. May God bless Arthur, along with his family, in his new ministry .

Diocesan Synod location and date determined

The Diocese of the East (DEUS) now has a date and venue for the 2015 Diocesan Synod. All Saints’ Church, Charlottesville, Virginia has agreed to host our next Synod the week of July 27, 2015. Thank you to Canon Glenn Spencer and the congregation for taking on this chal-lenge. We are looking forward to having the Synod at All Saints’ in historic Charlottesville.

News from St. Francis Church, Jonesboro, GA
We have three exciting bits of information from Fr. Allen Fisher at St. Francis Church, Jonesboro, GA. First, we have already reported on the arrival of Lucas Elliott to Fr. Allen and Kacey joining young Noah, his brother. Second, St. Francis’ Church held the celebration of the burning of the mortgage on November 15 and we hope to have pictures on the website soon. Thirdly, Fr. Allen reports that the parish, only 30 strong officially, has taken on the task along with First Baptist Church of Forest Park, of feeding itinerant workers under the program called “Feed the Hungry.” Every Monday their members head out to feed 50-55 day workers with sack lunches. He reports that the Gideons periodically come and distribute Bibles to the men which is something they regularly ask about. Fr. Allen will usually pray with 15-20 of them who want prayer and ask questions about scripture. They have other community programs which would make a good article for Ecclesia newsletter. God bless the folks at St. Francis’ Church.

APA Winter Clergy Conference

Our Annual Winter Clergy Conference will be held this January 2015 on beautiful Amelia Island in Fernandina Beach, Florida. No real chance of ice and snow here! The dates for the Winter Conference will be Wed., January 28 arriving and Fri., January 30 departing. Many thanks to Fr. Brad Cunningham and Holy Trinity Church, Fernandina Beach, FL for agreeing to host this gathering of clergy, clergy wives, and deaconesses. The Board of Examining Chaplains will be meeting in advance of the Conference and the Standing Committee will be meeting following the Conference on Friday morning. There will be a special presentation on Thursday for the clergy wives.

We are privileged to have as Presenters, Canon Michael Ward in the morning and afternoon sessions will be with Fr. William Martin. The theme of this Winter Clergy Conference is “Renewing Our Hearts and Minds.”

Updates on Global Appeals

Deacon Joel Arellano has been released from the hospital pending further treatment involving chemo therapy and radiation. He has stage three cancer which requires that he pay $5,000 for the treatment. A deposit of $2,500 would allow them to begin treatment. It is a very aggressive form of cancer. Please help with this emergency if you are able. Checks should be sent to our Treasurer, D.J. Fulton, and note memo field with “Deacon Joel Appeal.”

One of the desperate needs for our Presiding Bishop in South India is a vehicle to minister to his far flung, rapidly growing Diocese. He has been relying on a rented vehicle which is an expensive proposition. We are appealing for funds to purchase a suitable SUV which can be purchased for $10,000. I would like to see this vehicle acquired for Bishop Jaya Rao by Christmas. Again, donations should be sent to Treasurer, D.J. Fulton, with note of “India Bishop’s vehicle” in memo field.

APA Ecclesia Anglicana Newsletter

Fr. Conway has done an excellent job following his predecessor, Fr. Richard Bakley, who resurrected the Newsletter, the name, and got the initial issues printed. Ecclesia Anglicana is your newsletter and Fr. David Conway of St. James of Jerusalem Church, Sarasota, FL, wishes all of you to know this. Fr. Conway wants your parish news and would like you to voluntarily send a picture and an article to him, unsolicited. He has resorted to ‘bugging’ people for information when none has been volunteered, so please send your news directly to Fr. Conway at:

Ordination to the Sacred Priesthood

On Sat., November 15, 2014, at St. Michael the Archangel Church, Charlotte, NC, I ordained the Rev. O. Michael Cawthon, Sr. as a priest in the Church of God, surrounded by Bishops Jones and Brewer, his rector, the Very Rev. Richard Bakley, and numerous clergy from around the Diocese. Fr. Cawthon completed the rigorous Master’s Degree Program at Reformed Theological Seminary. His wife, Debbie, and other family members and friends came to be with him on this glorious occasion.


St. Paul’s Anglican Church, Crownsville, MD, will bid farewell Bishop Robert “Bob” and Emily Loiselle after Thanksgiving. We had a wonderful celebration of their ministry with St. Paul’s Church at a banquet on Sunday evening, Nov. 9, 2014. The banquet was attended by over 160 people whose lives were touched by their love and ministry in this parish. It was a 14 year ministry, taking the church from near death to the present including the building of a new Church structure. They will be sorely missed by all and the church thankfully has the faithful ministry of Interim Rector, Fr. Thomas Burr. We wish all of them God’s blessing.

Christ the Redeemer Church, Warner Robins, Georgia will bid farewell to their Rector, Fr. Paul Gerlock and his wife, Linda, on December 6, 2015. This parish has an amazing ministry under the leadership of Fr. Paul beginning in the conference room of the Holiday Inn, acquiring property, remodeling a house for church services and now recently moving into their lovely, newly constructed church building. All of this was done while others his age would have been looking at retiring. They will be greatly missed by all. We wish them every blessing and a good long life together.

A reminder to all clergy, there is no scriptural precedent for retirement from your lifetime ordination, only a move on to a new ministry.

Congratulations on the new arrivals

We send our blessing and congratulations to:
Fr. Matt and Sarah Harlow on the birth of their son, John Christopher Harlow, born Sept. 2, 2014.
Fr. Allen and Kasey Fisher on the birth of their son, Lucas Elliott Fisher, born Sept. 19, 2014.
Bishop Chad and Megan Jones and the birth of their daughter, Caelin Meredith Lee Anne Jones, born Oct. 9, 2014.

In closing, I want to join Mary in wishing each of you a blessed Thanksgiving Day and, as we anticipate the Advent Season, a time of joyous preparation.


Anglican Province of America

Anglican Province of America

VOLUME XX No.3                  July-September 2014

This is the year for Synods, one completed (DEUS) and three to go: Diocese of Mid-America, the Anglican Province of America Triennial and the Diocese of the West. All three remaining Synods will be in October of this year. Those who are in the East, it was a great privilege to gather in Orlando, Florida July 14-18, 2014 as St. Alban’s Cathedral hosted this Synod. For those who would like to see or relive the many events of Synod, they can be found in a slide presentation on the St. Alban’s Anglican Cathedral webpage ( compliments of official photographer of the Cathedral F. Harvell. Our great thanks goes out to the Dean of St. Alban’s Cathedral, the Very Rev. Ralph Waterhouse, to Synod Chairman, David Arnott, Co-Chairman, Felicia Ryerson, and all those who served on the various committees which made for a most efficient and successful time.


DEUS Synod 2014


For those unable to attend the DEUS Synod, I would like to give a re-cap of the major events including our guest presenters and speakers. In addition to the regular business of Synod, we had two developmental programs. The first program was presented by Michael Miller, Organist and Choir Director at St. Alban’s Cathedral, and also the Head of the Music Department at The Geneva School (Classical Christian School), Orlando, Florida. At my request, I asked him to do the sessions on simple intonation of the Psalms which I so enjoy at St. Alban’s Cathedral on my rare visits. Many of the Psalms set to music can be easily done by the most inexperienced musicians and congregations. It was great to hear the enthusiastic gathering of attendees quickly learning to sing the Psalm tunes that Michael had prepared. We were pleased to have Michael’s wife, Wendy, and Ryan Solomon assisting with the presentation. Michael has made himself available to assist anyone wishing to follow up on the sessions by simply emailing him at Those attending the presentations by Michael Miller were ready for more when we ran out of time!

Following the developmental program on music were morning and afternoon sessions with Bishop Stephen Scarlett, Ordinary of the Anglican Catholic Church, Diocese of the Holy Trinity and Rector of St. Matthew’s Church, Newport Beach, California. A number of our clergy know Bishop Scarlett by way of his webpage and parish teaching materials which are available on line. I will not try to recap all that Bishop Scarlett said in his presentations as there was much to consider in the area of building Mission. He has put the essence of his talks with us on his blog site at or at I know that those who have a vision for the future of traditional Anglicanism must make common cause as there are those who are satisfied with being a museum to some imaged golden age of the past. Interestingly, he mentioned that we are more likely to build our churches by establishing and building relationships on an informal basis than by inviting people to come to church. People, especially millennials, have little or no reference to worship in church and can more likely be approached through cultivating friendship first. He emphasized that we must be willing to turn lose of those who want the church to remain just what they envision from the past and gather those around us who are willing to join us in genuine mission for Christ and his Church. We look forward to a strong and lasting relationship with Bishop Scarlett as we share so much in common in our vision for the future of traditional Anglicanism, in building Christ’s Kingdom on earth.

Update by Deacon Joel Pulga Arellano of the Philippines

We were pleased to have a Deacon Joel, who serves under the leadership of the Most Rev. Frederick Belmonte in the Philippines, with us for the DEUS Synod. He gave an update on activities in the Anglican Church of the Philippines with the purchase of the property near the City of Salano and the completion of the building project housing the Seminary along with a Chapel. The property purchase and the building were part of the Lenten Appeal Funds from 2013. Additionally, he showed pictures of the devastation from the hurricane which hit parts of the island about a year ago and the distribution of funds both from the APA and the ACA to help families with much needed food and agriculture supplies allowing them to re-plant vegetable gardens to help sustain the community. Also we were able to assist fishermen in the repair of their boats to return them to their livelihoods.

Provincial Synod October 15-17, 2014

I urge everyone to make plans to attend the Provincial Synod of our Church this October. This is a special event in the life of our Province, especially since we will be forging friendships and cooperative efforts with our inter-communion partners in the Anglican Church in America (ACA). Those who are members of the APA/Diocese of Mid-America are reminded that the DMA Diocesan Synod begins on that Wednesday from 8:00am until 1:30pm.


The House of Bishops meeting of the APA will be held on Wednesday, October 15, from 2pm until 5pm. Later that evening, following dinner, there will be a meeting of the Assembly of Bishops of both the ACA and the APA and other bishops from jurisdictions interested in this co-operative effort. We must pray and be a part of every legitimate effort to bring traditional Anglicans together in a unified voice for the advancement of the Gospel. Please check the APA webpage for the schedule of all the events.

We look forward to worshiping with our intercommunion partners as well as sharing fellowship with them at the Synod Banquet on Thursday evening. The National Shrine of Our Lady of the Snows in Belleville, Illinois, is a lovely venue for a Synod and provides an atmosphere of peace and quiet.


Final Word


To say we are living in a sin-sick world would be an understatement. Most of us are familiar with the news stories of war and savagery that are going on in the Middle East and watching our fellow Christians and others being slaughtered like animals. We are seeing pure evil manifested like most of us have not seen before. It is made all the more relevant through modern technology where it is difficult to be unaware.

I ask all of us to pray for the leaders of our civilized world to have wisdom and courage to confront the evil doers. We must pray for those who are suffering from the violence which is being perpetrated upon them and ask God to preserve the innocent.

Peace and blessings,


Bishop’s Epistle January-March 2014

The Anglican Province of America

The Most Reverend Walter H. Grundorf, D.D., Presiding Bishop

3348 West State Rd. 426, Oviedo Florida 32765

Telephone: 407.657.0880 Fax: 407.657.4410


Volume XX No. 1                                                                                      January-March 2014

Anglican Province of America

Anglican Province of America

Greetings in the Name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit!

Winter Clergy Conference

A number of us have just recently returned from what was a most unusual Winter Clergy Conference hosted by St. Barnabas’ Church in Atlanta (Dunwoody) Georgia. To begin with, Atlanta was hit by a severe winter storm which left the roads covered with ice and temperatures in the single digits leaving thousands of motorist stranded on the roads. A number of our clergy and others who planned to be there for the Conference were part of the number of stranded people. A few others cancelled or had to turn around and go home. It all seemed a disaster and the thoughts of cancelling the event came to mind a couple of times. In the end, after a couple of days of this, the sun came out and things got better. Our guests, Bishop Stephen Scarlett and his associate Lisa Marion from St. Matthew’s Church Newport Beach, California, arrived on a non-stop flight from Los Angeles to be welcomed to the frigid sunny south.

In the end, although the numbers were somewhat reduced, (approximately 50 of 70 made it) everything planned did occur. The Board of Examining Chaplains, the Bishop’s Advisory Committee, the Reconciliation Committee, the Clergy Conference, the Clergy Wives Conference and the Standing Committee all met. The highlight for all was the Conference Guest Speaker, the Rt. Rev. Stephen Scarlett, who did not disappoint. In his clear and winsome way, he gave not just “feel good platitudes” but tough talk about how we must approach the future and what it is going to take for traditional Anglicans to not just survive but to flourish as we move forward. In addition to the Sessions conducted by Bishop Scarlett, we were able to spend time with both Bishop Scarlett and his Associate Lisa Marion informally in the hospitality room getting to know them on a personal level and share our mutual hopes and dreams for the church. Also, we were blessed to have five bishops from the ACA: Bishop Marsh, Bishop Strawn, Bishop Langberg, Bishop Hiles and Bishop Owen Williams who were able to share this important time together as fellow Anglicans working to bring the church together. Joining us on Thursday of the Conference was Bishop Haverland, Archbishop of the Anglican Catholic Church. In spite of the weather threat, it was an important time together with all of the bishops and a number of our clergy together on a friendly basis. It certainly gives us hope for the future.

Because Bishop Scarlett was so well received (and likewise Lisa Marion) and what they had to say was of such value, I have asked them to return for our Diocesan Synod in July 2014. They have agreed to come. This will give those who were not able to attend the Winter Conference opportunity to hear what he has to present as well as the laity to hear him. As one of our Clergy said after the Sessions, “I want my laity to hear what he has to say as it is not just for the clergy.” Lisa Marion will also be speaking to the Clergy wives.

Election of Coadjutor for Diocese of Mid-America

Other important events happening this month in the APA include the election of a Bishop Coadjutor for the Diocese of Mid-America. This election will take place on February 22, 2014 at St. Andrew’s Church in Merrillville, Indiana. The results of this election will be announced by e-mail to the clergy and on our APA website. The Rt. Rev. Larry L. Shaver is the Bishop Ordinary.

Foreign Mission Activities

On February 11, 2014, our Vicar General for Global Partnerships Canon David Haines and Fr. Paul Rivard recently appointed member of our Missions Board will be journeying to the Philippines to visit Presiding Bishop Belmonte. They will be visiting the newly established Seminary facility in Salano, which was built through the help of our Lenten Fund in 2013. Since that time, a devastating storm hit the Philippines and they will visit the area most affected to assess how the funds raised by the APA and the ACA International Anglican Fellowship (IAF) can best be used to help in the recovery efforts. They will also help Bishop Belmonte, plan how best to minister in that country with their limited manpower and resources.

I want to personally thank Mr. Erv Lische, Chairman of the International Anglican Fellowship who has helped raise nearly $6,000 of the total $18,000. We wish to thank allwho contributed to the relief effort. Please pray for a safe and profitable journey for Fr. Haines and Fr. Rivard. They plan to return by February 21, 2014.

Institution of Rector for St. Matthew’s Church,Tampa, Florida.

Another important February event will be the Institution of a Rector at St. Matthew’s Anglican Church, Tampa (Riverview), FL. The Rev. Kenneth R. Bailey will be Instituted as the second Rector of St. Matthew’s at 11:00am February 22, 2014, succeeding long time Rector, the Very Rev. William Perkins.

We welcome Fr. Bailey and his family who came to us via the Episcopal Missionary Church, (EMC) where he served for over 14 years. It was a pleasant transition from Presiding Bishop Council Nedd and also endorsed by Fr. Bailey’s close friend, former EMC Presiding Bishop William Millsap. (Thank you to Fr. Brad Cunningham of Holy Trinity Fernandina Beach, Florida for his help).

Upcoming Ordinations

Looking forward there will be two special events in the DEUS in March. Two men were recommended for ordination to the diaconate by the Board of Examining Chaplains and approved by the Standing Committee during the Winter Conference. Scott Koszalinski and Josef Mayntz are both scheduled for ordination during the month of March 2014. Scott will be Ordered Deacon on Saturday March 22, at 11:00am at St. Mary the Virgin Anglican Church, Delray Beach, Florida and will serve on the Clerical staff at St. Mary’s. Josef is scheduled to be Ordered Deacon the following week on Saturday March 29 at 11:00am at St. Paul’s Anglican Parish, Melbourne, FL. He will serve on the Clerical Staff at St. Paul’s Church. God bless them both as they prepare for these special days.

Lenten Mission Appeal

Lent is fast approaching and as we think about this time of preparation, thoughts go to how best we can help those who are less fortunate. Each year we have an appeal for one of our Mission endeavors. The needs are so great and we seem so small and inadequate in face of this. Our Vicar General, Canon Haines, recently returned from a trip to South India with the intention to secure land for the Dalit Education Center (DEC) we have pledged to build. Most of you know we have been working with OM on this project, and we have every confidence in their work and ministry. The difficulty has been trying to find property close to where many of our Anglican Churches are located in order that our children may be able to attend the school. Canon Haines reports that out of the six pieces of property they looked at while he was there, one stood out as the most likely and we are pursuing this five acre tract through OM. Once this is secured, the building can then begin. It is also to be noted that in the last three years, due to the improved economy in India, prices have gone up. In fact they have nearly doubled. The good thing is we have enough funds to buy the property which is larger than we originally intended, and will give us greater ministry options and even the possibility of building a village church there as well. Canon Haines has many more details about this but what I am proposing is that we complete this effort and focus our Lenten Appeal towards continued building the DEC that we have begun.

Our Bishop Jaya Rao is very excited about the possibilities this school brings to this part of South India and is enthusiastically working with OM to make this a reality. Our plans are to bring Bishop Jaya Rao to our DEUS Synod in July 2014 along with his interpreter, so you can meet and hear his story. He is a wonderful man of God and has done an amazing job of building mission Churches in the Kadapa district of Andhra Pradesh. May we make this a most successful endeavor and pray that we will see the School established in this community along with all the other Christian ministries it brings.

There are so many exciting things going on in our Church and our partnership for which we give thanks. May the Lord bless us as we labor together to bring others who are in need of a Savior into His Kingdom.

Blessings to all,





Bishop’s Epistle

Volume XIX No. 4                                                                                            Sept.-Oct. 2013

The Most Rev. Walter H. Grundorf, D.D., Presiding Bishop
3348 W. State Road 426, Oviedo, Florida 32765
Telephone: 407.657.0880 Fax: 407.657.4410

Anglican Province of America

Anglican Province of America

We are in what has been described historically as the “dog-days of summer.” I think that term originated well before the 21st or even the last 25 years of the 20th century when life seemed to move at a slower pace. In this fast-paced, high-tech world of today, very little seems to slow down even in the month of August. The summer months, as far as church attendance goes, seems to take a hit during July and August because of vacations but more and more with the earlier start of the school year, many children are back in class by the middle of August. The days of the parish priest taking the month of August off are gone with August now being the preparation and planning time to get up and running by September.

Diocese of the East (DEUS) Synod July 8-12

The DEUS Synod was a grand success for which we are most appreciative to St. Paul’s Anglican Church, Crownsville, Maryland. The slide show of pictures is now posted on the APA website at On behalf of all who were able to attend, our love and appreciation goes to Bishop Bob and Emily Loiselle and Synod Coordinator Jack Wyatt and his entire Committee for the wonderful accommodations and logistical support. We were blessed for having been there.


The Theme of the 2013 Synod was “Discovering our Spiritual Gifts” and our Developmental Sessions were directed in specific areas of personal and parish expression of gifts. Our presenters at the Session One were Canon Michael Ward and Fr. Mark Meness entitled ‘Senior Adult Ministry: Today’s seniors are not the same as yesterday’s seniors.’ It was a fascinating study from two men who have experience in this ministry. They described how unlike years gone by, the 50, 60, 70 and even 80-year-olds of today are extremely active and generally skeptical (many being from the ‘baby boomer’ generation). Following that Session, Bishop Arthur Rushlow did a PowerPoint presentation of a project under development at St. George’s Anglican Church, Ocala, Florida, where he is Rector. On the five-acre-tract of land where the Church is, a private company will be building a retirement home for parishioners and others to live. This has been a dream of Bishop Rushlow’s for a number of years. He has seen congregants aging and unable to care for themselves as they once did, often needing to move away to live with family although preferring to remain near their church family. We wish them well in this project and perhaps this will be a model for others. Session Two was conducted by Fr. David Sokol, who is a Hospice Director in Central Florida. Fr. Sokol’s presentation was inspirational and practical based upon the experience of man who has served in this ministry and truly loves the people he serves. Those who had never heard Fr. David before were so appreciative of the practical and helpful resources including his book that he provided entitled Compassionate Care (to be published soon). Many thanks to each of these men of God for the work they do and the exercise of the wonderful gifts they have been given.


Diocese of Mid-America Synod-August 8-9


St. Mary of the Angel’s Church, LaPorte, Indiana hosted the 4th annual Synod of the DMA. The Venerable Frank Endres is the Rector. The attendance was the largest thus far with 39 attending and all churches represented. I was able to attend along with Mary and preached at the Synod Eucharist on Friday morning. In addition to the usual business with budgeting and electing of officers, there was a lengthy discussion on the relationship with the Anglican Church in America (ACA) and how and when the reconciliation would be ultimately realized. There were areas of concern and misunderstandings on certain issues leading me to believe that a joint Pastoral Letter would be in order from both Bishop Brian Marsh and me to help clarify some of the information. It is critical that the process toward bringing Anglicans together be done in an open, forthright and transparent way. But, pursuit of this goal must be continued based upon our Lord’s directive in his High Priestly prayer in John 17:20-21 “…that they may all be one, just as you, Father, are in me and I in you, that they also may be in us, so that the world may believe that you have sent me.” The process of reconciliation is hard work and will have bumps along the way. May we not “grow weary in well doing…” remembering it is the Lord’s “directive” not His “suggestion!”


Diocese of the West Synod-Oct. 15-17, 2013


The APA/DOW will hold a joint Synod with the ACA/DOW at All Saints’ Church, Fountain Valley, California. I have plans to do an Episcopal visit the weekend prior to the Synod at All Saints’ Prescott, Arizona and on the weekend following at St. Andrew’s Church, Jacksonville, Oregon, for an Episcopal visitation with Confirmations and two possible Diaconate Ordinations. As Episcopal Visitor to our DOW, I will be at the Synod on October 15-17. We ask your prayers for the success of these two Synods.


Reconciliation begins in the heart


Our Prayer Book is replete with prayers and admonitions concerning the unity of the Church. I often feel a pang of guilt when I say I believe in One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church while reciting the Creed and yet know I am content in my day to day reality of being in a world separated and isolated from so much of Catholic Christianity. Finding unity among fellow Anglican Christians really is hard work and is not just about common faith, practice, and Constitution and Canons. There seems to be very little difference with fellow traditional Anglicans on these subjects. Even when agreement is found in these areas there remains the reconciliation with others whom we believe perhaps have offended us personally or seem somehow different. It is difficult to learn to trust others and perhaps give up some authority if necessary. We sometimes adopt the attitude, when all else fails- pray. Actually, the first thing we should do is pray and ask the Lord to give us a willing heart to follow his example to love one another as he has loved us. Reconciliation of any kind, whether it be husband and wife or alienated children or leaders in the church, without asking God to give us the will to follow his example will never happen. We have a wonderful opportunity before us to be a part of uniting rather than dividing which has been all too common. May we make it a part of our daily prayer, that unity in the Continuing Anglican Church become a reality and let it begin in each of our hearts. There will be a Pastoral Letter on this subject issued by Bishop Marsh and me to be read at the Sunday Eucharists in churches in our respective Provinces on September 1, 2013 and then posted for all to read.


The Lenten Appeal—Fruits Seen


The building for the Clergy Training Center and Church has been purchased and the initial services have started in the Northern Province of the Anglican Church in the Philippines (ACP) under the direction of Bishop Belmonte. The ACP is reaching into areas where there is no Christian witness and Bishop Belmonte is training and raising up other men to assist him in his work. The men he is training for ordination are being assisted in their training through Logos House for which we give great thanks. Thank you all for your prayers and financial generosity for this important work.
God bless and keep each of you,